La Veracruzana Northampton

Northampton was where it all began in a small place across the street from our present location, but in 1994 with the help the late Doug Kohl we moved across the street. To think that 25yrs. later I would still be working in the restaurant business is something beyond what I ever expected. The roller coaster ride continues and everyday we strive to bring the best Mexican food to the area.

La Veracruzana is also located in Amherst, Ma. though the menu is 99% the same there are some differences

Our location in Northampton seats about 60-65 people. We have what is called a seasonal beer & wine licence which allows to serve from April 1-Jan.15

We serve craft beer on draft and most of them are just $5 a pint from Lagunitas, 60min. Dogfish, Racer5, Stone,Southern Tier, Dos XX, and others that you will find thirst quenching. We also have a selection of traditional Mexican beer. Our Wine offering is mainly from Washington State and Latin America. In 2014 we hope to introduce a tasty Sangria.

For those who do not drink we have a selection of Aguas frescas that will take you back to L.A. or that beach in Mexico.

I am not a big fan of the word “Authentic” I am more a fan of great food at a great price. After all even a Hot Dog or Burger sold from some street cart in Mexico can have a bit of Mexican in its flavor. Drop by for a bite and a drink.

Martin Carrera