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24 Dec

Our Unique Salsas Part 2

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La Veracruzana Salsa

Enchilada Sauce

In our first two years we never really offered Enchiladas Then one day cousin’s husband came to town for a visit.  We developed a Enchilada sauce that I liked, which in Mexico would be called a Entomatada sauce (one made with mainly tomatoes and some jalapenos). This sauce is very popular, and is the base for two of my favorite sauces.

Salsa Borracha

Made with enchilada sauce, chile Chipotle, and some great beer. We offer it in our salsa bar and to make our Enchiladas de Domingo.  These are great Enchiladas.

Salsa Diablo

People sometimes ask if its hot. I say well it does have the word Devil in it. Made with the Enchilada sauce, fresh habanero, and onions. I like it with scrambled eggs in the morning.

Salsa Tomatillo

A great tangy lemony salsa….it has no lemon, but the fresh tomatillos have a acidic taste, we add some jalapenos and onion. I would say its on the medium side. I love chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce.

Mango Salsa

People sometimes think that just cause it has mango it will be mild, but they forget that it also has Habaneros. We use it with our Scallop dish.

Jalapenos en Escabeche

My dad’s favorite. I remember it always being on the kitchen table. Jalapenos, carrots, and onions in vinger.  Sometimes I think some customers think its there salad.


Salsas are very iimportant in Mexican food, this why I am proud that we are the only mexican restaurant in the area to give you so many choices. Soon we will add two more. Hope you like them like you like the ones we currently offer.

LaVeracruzana-custom salsa