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20 Dec

Our Unique Salsas Part 1

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La Veracruzana Salsa

I think it is only fitting that my first blog post should be about something that always comes up in Mexican food, and its not burritos.

Some customers will come in sometimes wondering about spicyness of the food.  Some want lots of heat and some just want nothing

When I opened in 1989 I was nervous, this was my first business venture my menu was very limited and so was my salsa offering.  We started with three …Mild…Hot…and our Pico de Gallo.

Our mild is just that mild…made with tomatoes,cilantro,onions, and a little bit of jalapenos(very little)

Our Hot is Hot, though not hot enough for some and too hot for others. Made with tomotoes,chile japones, and onions.

Our Pico the gallo is made with fresh diced tomatoes,cilantro,onions,jalapenos, and some fresh lime juice.

These three Salsas was the foundation in the early years in the business.

End of part 1…